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Character Development

It’s been a little while since my last post. Not that there has been a lack of activity. I decided to focus this past week on further character development. I have actually completed another three scenes and developed some good depth on the Character Arcs for three of the main characters. That has been a […]

Words Keep Flowing

Been pretty busy over the past few days. Had to move around to different sections of the story in order to keep the words flowing onto the page. Two sections have fleshed out quite nicely. I am really pleased with the level of detail and tone. Almost 4000 words have found their way onto my […]

The Rabbit Hole of My Soul

How deep does the rabbit hole of my soul actually go? I guess we are going to find out. Questioning my own humanity. Pondering how I can concern myself so much with the welfare of everyone around me, yet be so driven by self interest. The nagging ego constantly seeking what’s in it for me, […]

Struggling for the Words Today

Struggling a bit today. Had to work hard to just get 800 words onto the page. I might consider either moving to another section of the story where my mind is actively being drawn towards or just call it and early night. I feel like if I struggle to write the words, my readers will […]

My First Re-Writes

Well, there goes that. So much for no re-writes. I swore I wasn’t going to touch any of the previous days writing until I was completely done with the first rough draft. Before I begin each days writing, I re-read the previous two scenes to get off to a running start. Having read back over […]

Underlying Theme Defined

Defined and documented the underlying theme for the Archen Strife Series. The document has been uploaded and can be found here on the blog. A summary of the theme, as it is applied throughout the story, is provided on the blog page. You can also access the attached PDF document which includes the extensive research […]

Updated and Uploaded Supporting Materials

Just finished updating and uploading some of the supporting materials. So far I finished: Location List Set List Location Matrix Character List Scene List They have been uploaded to my blog and include details captured within the first three chapters, where the story is at so far. They will now be continually updated as the […]

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