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Archen Strife: Theme

Earthly Power Structure:

  • There are two main factions of power here on Earth. The higher levels of leadership are also practitioners in the multi-planer, intergalactic, collectives of all existence (Heaven and Hell)
  • Quadrilateral Committee (Evil)(Yin)(Demons)(Hell)
    • A collective of all secret societies
    • Control all Governmental, Financial, and Large Business Structures
    • Serve for self gain
    • Power over the masses of unenlightened.
    • They recruit those they can control
      • Only share enough for you to better serve them
      • If you resist or prove ineffective or disloyal, they destroy you
      • They hold little value for human life. We are all pawns
    • They emphasize use of Science and Technology to shortcut the Enlightenment process
  • Dule of Doves (Good)(Yang)(Angels)(Heaven)
    • An underground Resistance
    • Many Individual Practitioners
    • Includes a small group of successful Quadrilateral deffectors
    • They don’t recruit, you find them in your own time when you are ready
    • When the student is ready the master appears
    • They primarily focus on natural means of Enlightenment through slow evolution
    • They cherish the value of all forms of life

The Essentials of Enlightenment:

  • Nature at its essence has an innate Frequency. It is the natural harmonic resonance of the Universal Carrier Wave, referred to as THE WAY (Jesus)(Muhammad). It applies to all forms of energy in it’s natural state.
  • Good and Evil are 180 degrees out of phase from each other. Good being defined as in alignment with the natural state of all things. Evil is defined as perverted. Intentionally and directly opposing the natural state.
  • Enlightenment is not a direction towards Good or Evil. It is the path towards the perfect state of either Good/Natural or the perfect state of Evil. Enlightenment leads further along your chosen path of existence.
  • We are all initially born in perfect harmony with THE WAY. Immediately upon our birth we become out of tune or alignment due to our own decisions and the unnatural influences of our circumstances and upbringing.
    • BE Here Now
      • BE – The Grand I AM (Without distraction or noise) Enlightened
      • Here – Space is immaterial
      • Now – Time is a relative concept
    • We are all ONE
      • All matter exists simultaneously as both Particles and Waves.
        • A Particle is merely one specific instantiation of a Wave.
        • A Wave is the infinite collective of all potential permutations of a Particle.
      • We are all part of ONE Grand collection of all energy in existence.
      • Energy never ceases to exist, it only changes form.
      • The ONE (God)(Allah) is the super-set of all energy and potentials that have ever or will ever exist.
      • The ONE (God)(Allah) is in all of us and we are all part of The ONE (God)(Allah)
      • We were created in HIS (The ONE) image and are made up of HIS (The ONE) material
  • The Battle of Good and Evil:
    • Some seek the enlightenment of all – Good (In phase with the universe)
    • Some want it all for themselves and pervert it for all others – Evil (180 out of phase)
  • WAVES:
    • Square Waves vs. Sine Waves
      • Even if harmonized at resonance frequency, one must still polish off the edges of the square waves we have become in order to become more enlightened. These are the higher degrees of enlightenment.
      • The closer to a perfect sine wave one becomes, the more enlightened they are.
      • The more enlightened you become, the more powerful and more capable you become. Tapping in to the raw powers of the Universe.
      • Frequency and Harmonization – You actually feel when something is right. It actually speaks to you. It harmonizes with your inner frequency. Music, Art, Decisions, etc.
  • Higher Planes of Existence:
    • The truly enlightened can transcend beyond this physical plane of existence. They have become ELEVATED
    • The righteous communicate with us to help guide us further towards enlightenment.
    • The practitioners of Evil manifest themselves to us in the form of perversions (the seven deadly sins) in order to prevent us from realizing our growth and elevation.
      • They want it all for themselves.
  • The Path is YOURS:
    • You must find your own path towards enlightenment. – Free Will
    • Nature provides us with Curbs – Guiding Forces that try to show us the righteous path
    • Things that are “meant to be”, happen with ease and little struggle
    • The wrong path entails difficulty, obstacles, and warnings
      • Free Will means that you are still able to drive the car over the Curbs and away from THE WAY.
      • The further you become away from the righteous path the harder it becomes to continue to travel. Stagnation is the worst hurdle.
      • You can’t TRY to BE, you must truly allow yourself to be open and let it fill you (Accepting the Holy Spirit)
      • We tend to fluctuate, to differing degrees of extremity, back and forth, centered around the righteous path. Our natural frequency.
  • Many Faces, Same Story:
    • Theology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Science, and Technology are all one and the same.
    • Each of these paths are merely a single lane of the same multi-lane highway (THE WAY). Each of which, if followed to it’s own fullest form of fruition lead to the same destination (THE ONE).
    • We interpret them differently through our own lenses of capability and preparedness.
    • Scientific and technological advancements have magnified our potentials exponentially.
    • They are dangerous in that they allow for the short-circuiting of the natural way of evolution.
  • A False Bill of Goods:
    • Extending the life cycle of the meat bags – Keeping us anchored to the physical existence
    • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Space Travel, Artificial Organs, etc.
    • Physical transport or teleportation of our physical manifestations is irrelevant and immaterial. When truly Enlightened and Elevated we can been everywhere at all times.
    • Technology exists far beyond what is publicly understood.
    • Publicly released “advanced studies” are strategically selected subsets of our true capabilities.
    • Current commercially released technology is antiquated technology chosen to be released for the purposes of control and financial gain.
    • The powers that be keep the truth for themselves.
    • They restrict our exposure to maintain the illusion of security provided by our current social fabric.
    • This keeps them in control.
    • Gifted practitioners of Science and Technology are recruited to their side or destroyed before they can share the truth with the public.
    • They must maintain the illusion at all costs.
  • The Global Balance:
    • The environment
    • Global population levels
    • Being one with nature

The full version of the Archen Strife Theme can be found attached here. It includes the supporting material used in defining the theme.

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