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Character List


The Character List is a single document identifying all of the Characters in the story.

  1. Mike Carrigan (Lead)(Protagonist)
  2. Charley Carrigan (Support)(Mike’s Dad)
  3. Deborah Carrigan (Support)(Mike’s Mom)
  4. Angel (Sarah Harkins)(Main)(Mike’s Love Interest)
  5. George Charlamagne (Main)
  6. Mick Baird (Support)
  7. Ski (Mike Wojciechowski)(Main)(Mike’s Best Friend)
  8. Choronzon (Main)(Antagonist)
  9. Quadilateral Committee (Main)(Antagonist)
  10. Dr. Ray Feynman (Main)(Mike’s Work Friend)
  11. Christine Carrigan (Support)(Mike’s Cousin)
  12. Rob Carrigan (Support)(Mike’s Brother)
  13. Kathie Carrigan (Support)(Mike’s Aunt)
  14. Dog Walking Couple (Extra)
  15. Fat Dachshund Dog (Extra)
  16. Silver Linings Motel Day Clerk (Extra)
  17. Silver Linings Motel Night Clerk (Extra)
  18. The Pledged Patriots Patrol (PPP)(Main)
  19. Joanne Carrigan (Support)(Mike’s Aunt)
  20. Dr. Glenn Harkins (Main)(Angel’s Dad)
  21. Pam Harkins (Support)(Angel’s Mom)
  22. Ashley (Support)(Angel’s Friend)
  23. Jillian (Support)(Angel’s Friend)
  24. Jay (Support)(PPP Commander)
  25. Chris (Support)(PPP Policy Wonk)
  26. Paul (Support)(PPP Building Maintenance)
  27. Stephanie (Support)(PPP MMA)
  28. Dr. Harkins’ Party Guests (Extras)
  29. Dr. Harkins’ Party Catering Staff (Extras)
  30. Dr. Harkins’ Party Valet (Extra)
  31. Steven (Extra)(Angel’s Young Patient)
  32. Steven’s Mom (Extra)
  33. Steven’s Dad (Extra)

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