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Archen Strife

Archen Strife is a Sci-Fi Thriller Series for the Spiritually Enlightened. A trans-formative story about Humanity and Transhumanism.

Archen Strife tells a tale of discovery, release, becoming yourself, the battles without and within, going beyond yourself, and ultimately what is in store when THE final destination awaits.

Let the catharsis begin!

There are five books to the series:

Archen Strife: Catharsis

Archen Strife: Risen

Archen Strife: Fallen

Archen Strife: Growth

Archen Strife: Rapture

Outlines for the series and each of the five books can be found here.

Conceptual designs for the cover art can be found here.

The Underlying Theme for the Archen Strife Series can be found here.

The website for the series is

The facebook page for the series is

Twitter is @ArchenStrife

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