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My First Re-Writes

Well, there goes that. So much for no re-writes. I swore I wasn’t going to touch any of the previous days writing until I was completely done with the first rough draft. Before I begin each days writing, I re-read the previous two scenes to get off to a running start. Having read back over the last two scenes, I was SURE┬áthat they wouldn’t work for the lead into what I had in mind for today’s work.

I ended up breaking my own cardinal rule and “massaged” them to make it work. Not going to burn too many cycles beating myself up for it, but I still don’t intend on making it a habit. Managed to rework the previous two scenes and get the next two scenes written. I’ll look forward to a more fruitful day tomorrow.

Updated: December 28, 2016 — 5:10 pm
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