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Month: December 2016

Struggling for the Words Today

Struggling a bit today. Had to work hard to just get 800 words onto the page. I might consider either moving to another section of the story where my mind is actively being drawn towards or just call it and early night. I feel like if I struggle to write the words, my readers will […]

My First Re-Writes

Well, there goes that. So much for no re-writes. I swore I wasn’t going to touch any of the previous days writing until I was completely done with the first rough draft. Before I begin each days writing, I re-read the previous two scenes to get off to a running start. Having read back over […]

At Least it’s Still Progress – Nanotechnology

Wrote two scenes today. One in the morning and one this evening. Not much, but it’s still progress. As long as I’m writing everyday. Also added a forum section to the blog at Focusing first on Nanotechnology. Not quite your everyday light conversation material, but exciting nonetheless. Hope to see some of you all come […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! Yesterday turned into another light writing day. Managed to get a few paragraphs in to avoid feeling like I was taking a holiday hiatus. Redesigned the Archen Strife Logo too. Updating Book Cover designs and websites with the new logo. Going to enjoy some good quality time with family for the […]

Finished Catharsis Cover Art Sketch

Today has been a light day for writing. Finished another scene at almost 1300 words. Updated the cover art for Catharsis with an original sketch based upon the conceptual image used previously. The new art has been uploaded if you want to check it out. I ultimately want all the covers to include original sketches by […]

Another Two Scenes Bite the Dust

Today was a bit slower than yesterday. Finished off another two scenes. I can’t complain. Yesterday was a pretty big day. Can’t expect to write over 4000 words EVERY day I guess. It still means I’m right on target. Average pace is just over 2000 words per day. The main heroine just got back from […]

The Word Count Continues to Climb

Made some good strides so far today. I had a few errands to run and still managed to write another 2 scenes. About 2600 words worth of story. I have to stop for a bit, at the moment, but will get back at it later tonight. Hoping to get a total of over 4000 words […]

Underlying Theme Defined

Defined and documented the underlying theme for the Archen Strife Series. The document has been uploaded and can be found here on the blog. A summary of the theme, as it is applied throughout the story, is provided on the blog page. You can also access the attached PDF document which includes the extensive research […]

Wrapping Up Act 1

Act 1 is wrapping up nicely. Most of the character introductions and back story have been written now. The first pinch point and plot point have been incorporated. I’m excited to begin the first half of Act 2 within the next day or so. Starting to like how the character development has progressed. Looking forward […]

Updated and Uploaded Supporting Materials

Just finished updating and uploading some of the supporting materials. So far I finished: Location List Set List Location Matrix Character List Scene List They have been uploaded to my blog and include details captured within the first three chapters, where the story is at so far. They will now be continually updated as the […]

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